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BB25f Filtration System

BB25f Burr Bench Filtration System


Unit: 12.5" high x 16" wide x 5.5" long
Power: 110 Volt Drive Motor

BB25f Filtration System
SQ2016 wtih BB25f Filtration System

Introducing the latest in filtration for the Burr Bench vibratory finishers! This compact unit fits onto the end of the machine, and the tub drains into it. The filter sock takes out the effluent, and the solution is pumped back into the tub.

The sock can be easily removed and cleaned or discarded. A new sock slips right into the tank. When you are ready to change the solution, the tank can be easily removed and cleaned. Then the tank is refilled with water and compound.

The pump motor sits out of the solution to help prevent any problems with dried sludge burning up the pump. The tank is stainless steel for long life. The unit can be ordered as a retrofit to an existing machine. Comes complete with tank, pump, and four filter bags. Standard bag size is ten micron. Five micron is available.

Dimensions are 16 inches X 5 1/2 inches X 12 1/2 inches.



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