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Burr Bench Metal Finisher: Overview

Burr-Bench®, the first portable deburring machine, is known for its dependable, performance, competitive price, and versatility for handling a wide variety of metal finishing jobs ranging from coarse grinding to delicate polishing. Additionally, the Burr Bench can effectively perform metal finishing operations such as deburring, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, and removing flash.

Quality Performance
The Burr Bench eliminates time-consuming, costly hand deburring without sacrificing quality. The Burr Bench uses a 2700 rpm vibratory eccentric shaft and produces the same high energy action as larger, more expensive vibrators. This allows for more economy but the same high quality finished parts economically.

Sturdy Construction
The Burr Bench has a base of 12-guage steel, fully welded and enamel painted. Tub linings are ribbed, cast urethane. Heavy duty construction assures you of years of dependable performance.

Quiet Operation
Burr Bench works efficiently and quietly - with noise levels as low as 85 dbA. Its quiet performance will not disturb surrounding operations, which provides for increased productivity.

Portable and Easy to Operate
This small, compact, completely self-contained Burr Bench rolls on swivel casters and fits nearly anywhere to maximize your floor space. Where multistage processing is needed, several Burr Bench machines may be rolled on line for "series" operation. Operation is so simple that no training or full time operators are needed, so your personnel costs are kept at a minimum.

Low Operating Costs
Typically, Burr Bench machines operate on low voltage which reduces electricity costs. And when costs of chemical compound and media are added to the energy costs, the total is only a fraction of the costs of hand deburring or large vibrators. Your costs are kept low but Burr Bench provides high quality performance for your metal finishing requirements.

Free Technical Costs
The standard Burr-Bench machines and standard media should meet a high percentage of the requirements of your applications. When needed, Abrasive Finishing's laboratory will provide the technical analysis of your special finish requirements.



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