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Specialty Compositions

A non-abrasive, high density media used for burnishing and brightening metal parts. Very long lasting. Requires a break-in period to develop best finishes. Good for chemically accelerated processes. Bulk weight is 115 to 120 pounds per cubic foot.

KP-100 is the newest ceramic media formulation created by the management of Abrasive Finishing Inc. Slotting in between N media and the WA-2, it provides a light cutting action with a long life. While not as dense as the N media, it has the highest specific gravity of all the rest of the compositions. Composed of special ingredients for producing smooth finishes. KP-100 is very clean cutting and long lasting. An excellent media for high energy machinery. Bulk density is 117 pounds per cu. ft.

Specifically developed by Abrasive Finishing to provide a good cutting action and a long wear life. Developed for use in high energy equipment it is also very effective in standard vibratory finishing machines.WA-2 is high density media that is composed of bauxite and high quality ceramic bonding clays. It will develop excellent finishes, with a smooth bright surface on all types of metal parts, except aluminum. The high density gives it better efficiency than standard density medias. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Typical bulk density is 115 pounds per cubic foot.

A general purpose high density composition having good wear life. H-33 is a very durable and fracture resistant composition able to stand up to pressures generated in large vibrators and high energy equipment. The greater weight per cubic foot of the high density composition allows faster radius and deburring of parts than standard compositions. Bulk weight is 110 to 115 pounds per cubic foot.

Combines the fast cutting qualities of AX-65 with the high density fracture resistance of H-33. Its greater weight gives it an excellent cutting force, increasing with load size. Able to develop low micro finishes on hard metal parts. Bulk weight is 110 to 115 pounds per cubic foot.

The fastest cutting of the high density compositions. Combines short time cycle with low micro finishes. Bulk weight is 110 to 115 pounds per cubic foot.



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