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Standard Compositions

A very hard, long lasting composition used for light deburring and fine finishing. AX-44 is used quite successfully in vibrators, as it retains its sharp edges and points for a long time. It gives parts a clean and bright finish. Also, AX-44 can be used as a carrier for abrasive compounds. Bulk weight is 85 to 90 pounds per cubic foot.

A highly versatile composition having good cutting action and long wear life. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. AX-90 will work in a wide variety of deburring, de-flashing and radiusing applications. It will also do an excellent burnishing job. Can be used in all types of equipment. Bulk weight is 85 to 90 pounds per cubic foot.

A fast cutting composition fitting between AX-90 and the ultra-fast cutting compositions. It provides a higher rate of metal removal than AX-90, with only a slightly higher media loss. AX-65 is recommended for obtaining short time cycles on medium and heavy burrs and will leave parts with a clean semi-matte finish. AX-65 gives excellent results in vibratory finishing equipment. Bulk weight is 85 to 90 pounds per square foot.

The most aggressive cutting media available. It gives great amounts of cutdown in short time cycles and still retains good wear characteristics. AH-41 leaves parts with a matte finish, but with proper compounding, the parts will be clean and free of oxide impregnation. Recommended for all heavy deburring operations. Bulk weight is 95 to 100 pounds per cubic foot.



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